Terrain Engine 2D

A 2D Block Engine for Unity

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Terrain Engine 2D is a Unity 2D block engine which has everything you need to generate and modify a complete sandbox world.

Have you ever wanted to create a 2D sandbox game like the critically-acclaimed Terraria or the beautiful Starbound in Unity? Terrain Engine 2D provides the base framework to do just that!

It's a very fast, easy to setup, and expandable block engine. Have a complex procedurally generated world setup in minutes!

For more information checkout the post on the Unity Forums or join the Discord!

Terrain Engine 2D V1.20 has just been released with a ton of brand spanking new features! Check it out: Click Here!

Main Features

Grid Based Tiling System

  • Chunk loaded mesh rendering
  • Z-ordered layering
  • Bitmasking
  • Supports multi-tile blocks
  • Supports tile variations

Procedural Map Generation Framework

  • Simple and easy to setup
  • Supports multiple passes
  • Use your own noise algorithms and random functions

Dynamic Modification Tools

  • Place and destroy blocks by layer
  • Helpful GUI for testing
  • Adjustable modifying radius
  • Functional camera movement system
  • Elegant grid selection/block placement tool

Full Collider System

  • Procedural PolygonCollider2D point setting algorithm
  • Dynamic path modification
  • Chunk loaded

Complete Fluid System

  • Fast fluid physics using cellular automata
  • Beautiful and smooth fluid simulation
  • Custom fluid types
  • Fluid color mixing and density
  • Dynamic fluid pressure

Basic Block Lighting

  • Fast shadow masking
  • Dynamically updated

Advanced 2D Block Lighting

  • Custom post processing for mesh lighting
  • Day/Night cycle
  • Raycast and floodlights
  • Dynamic shadows
  • Ambient block lighting

File Saving and Loading

  • World Serialization
  • Dynamic file saving
  • Single file stores all block data
  • Load terrain from file

Falling Block Simulation

  • Selected blocks will fall with gravity
  • Supports multiple block types

Custom Inspector

  • Custom reorderable layer and block lists
  • Quickly setup all your blocks and layers
  • Access to all major properties
  • Random Seed Generator